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Faith Formation

within our Parish

Confirmation Ministry

Confirmation, often for 7th & 8th graders, is a two –year program of faith formation.  It includes group classes, relationships and experiences that deepen our understanding of the Bible and what it really means to follow Christ.  It teaches the children of God about the baptismal promises that we are named and claimed by a loving God.
The goals of confirmation are simple:
1) To know God loves us.   2) To learn that we, as God’s people, are called to love one another. We meet on Wednesday evenings from September through May, go to camp during the summer and worship together throughout the year.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School was held at Luther Point Bible Camp in Grantsburg from Aug, 3-6th.  20 members and friends attended this year!

Luther point VBS            VBS #2             VBS - #1

First Communion

The first communion classes are about four hours long and the time will be determined by those who attend, whichever is the best for most.  I know there is still a little confusion around first communion and I would like to clear this up.

To do this I want to look at what Lutherans have done in the past around first communion.  For the longest time, people received first communion at the same time as they were confirmed.  It went like this, in the 19th and the first part of the 20thcentury many people only went to school through the 8th grade as they needed to work on the farm.  So, to match what was going on in the secular world, 8th grade became the norm for when people would confirm their faith too.  In essence, it was seen as a time for rites of passage in both the secular and sacred arenas of life.  So to match this new found “grown-up” status youth also started to receive communion.

Although from the late 1940’s until the mid-1980’s more and more people continued their schooling until at least the 12th grade, the tradition in most Lutheran churches stayed the same: confirmation and communion at 8th grade.  But in the mid-80’s a theological movement began that first moved the age of first communion to 5th grade and then around the year 2000 even to 2nd grade.

The theological movement is this:  Communion is received in faith, for faith.   What that means, is that we take communion because we trust in the promises of God of life and salvation, and when we receive communion our trust in those promises are strengthened.

Part of this theological movement is also redefining what faith is.  Ever since The Enlightenment in the western church, we have defined faith as “assent to a set of theological propositions”.  Hence, it was important to be able “know” and even “explain” what you believed, for that, after all was “faith”.

Or was, is it?  Isn’t faith simply a radical trust in the undeserved love, mercy and forgiveness of God?  We call this grace.  In the fourth article on Holy Communion in Luther’s Small Catechism, the section that talks about who’s worthy to receive the sacrament, Luther states: “Fasting and other outward preparations serve a good purpose.  However, that person is well prepared and worthy who believes these words, given and shed for you for the remission of sins.  But anyone who does not believe these words, or doubts them, is neither prepared not worthy, for the words for you require simply a believing heart.”

There are no age or grade requirements for first communion, though for good order it is important for those who commune to also be baptized.  Actually the only requirement for receiving Communion is a believing heart.  I feel each parent is able to decide for themselves when their child has a believing heart.  As a parent I’ve decided that both Kyra and Hanna will go through classes this year, for I feel they both can and do believe, and are hence worthy of the meal.

Register your child for the class by calling me at 715-566-3758 or If you have any questions about first communion.

Peace ~ Pastor Paul